Gudlu means 'all round excellence', its manifestation is considered the purpose of our lives. Gudlu is inherent and is achieved by harnessing, refining and purifying our body/mind energies and spiritualizing our actions & emotions, thereby allowing the divine qualities within to shine forth.

Excellence is a manifestation of the Divine and Annam (or 'Food') is simply another facet of Divinity. Divinity and food are inextricably linked. You are what you eat. In the Upanishads, it is stated that the subtler part of food makes our mind; the gross part makes our bones and flesh.

How we cook, what we cook and how we serve are important in equal measure. Cooking, serving and eating are divine processes. At Gudlu we are mindful of which seeds are planted, how land is nurtured and harvested. We care about recipes and the process of cooking, and we understand the mindset of the person cooking is important. All cooking at Gudlu starts with the chanting of a prayer as we remind ourselves of the presence of Divinity amongst our midst. We hope we cook and serve accordingly.

At Gudlu, our chefs bring you dishes inspired by their travels around the world; Indian, Continental, Mexican and Oriental gourmet Vegetarian cuisine. The process of nourishing our guests begins outside the kitchen, in our expansive organic gardens, which are lovingly tended with due respect given to nature.

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