Chikamagaluru a Splendid Hill Stations – One of the Most Visited in Karnataka

Chikamagaluru a Splendid Hill Stations – One of the Most Visited in Karnataka


At a distance of 240 km from Bangalore city, 40 km from Kadur, 148 km from Mangalore, and 178 km from Mysore, Chikkamagaluru also known as Chikmagalur is a hill station situated in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. It has been mentioned in the most included places in the Karnataka packages, and is situated at an altitude of 3,400 feet at the foothills of Mulliyangiri Range and is considered one of the best hill stations near Bangalore.

This city is situated at the Deccan Plateau and belongs to the Malnad region of Karnataka. The Western Ghats originated from this area and the Yagachi River starts from the surrounding hills. This city is very popular for its lush green forests, serene environment, and tall mountains. Many beautiful places that emerge from this area have been included in the Chikkamagaluru Tour Packages.

It is also very popular for its coffee plantations and is also known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka.  Coffee is said to be cultivated for the first time here in India. Baba Budan, a Muslim saint brought some coffee seeds to this place for the very first time from Yemen in the year 1670. Later on, when Europeans visited India, they took over these plantations and started with trading of coffee and tea.

Chikkamagaluru is a great tourist spot and a wonderful place to visit throughout the year, with many pilgrimage sites, wildlife tourism destinations, coffee plantations, and adventure sports destinations.

Important Tourism Destinations in Chikkamagaluru-

  1. Hirekolale Lake
  2. Ayyanakere Lake
  3. Mulliyangiri
  4. Baba Budangiri
  5. Belavadi
  6. Manikyadhara Falls
  7. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Horanadu
  9. Amruthapura
  10. Kemmanagundi

The Top Festivals that are celebrated at Chikkamagaluru are-

  1. Deepavali
  2. Ganesh Chaturthi
  3. Dussera
  4. Ugadi and many more

Important Facts about Chikkamagaluru –

  • Country – India
  • State – Karnataka
  • District Headquarters – Chikkamagaluru
  • Location – 13.32 degrees North and 75.77 degrees East
  • Highest Elevation – 1,928 meters Mullayanagiri
  • Important Cities/Towns – Chikkamagaluru, Sringeri, Koppa, Mudigere, Kadur, Trikere, NR Pura
  • Tourism Importance – Coffee Estates, Hill Station, Highest Peak, National Parks, Temples
  • Languages – English, Kannada
  • Currency – INR (Indian Rupee)
  • Average Rainfall – 1925 mm
  • Summer Season – March to May
  • Winter Season – December to February
  • Monsoon Season – June to October (with heavy rains from July to August)
  • Clothes in Summer – Cotton
  • Clothes in Winters – Woolen
  • Shopping Items – Spices, Coffee, Natural Juices
  • Tourism Season – Throughout the Year
  • Peak Tourism Season – November to May
  • Nearest Airport – Mangalore (152 km)
  • Nearest Railway Station – Chikkamagaluru, Kadur, Tarikere
  • Climate – Pleasant throughout the year
  • Accommodation options – Budget Hotels, Star Hotels, and Luxurious Resorts

Languages at Chikkamagaluru

This hill station is truly a melting pot of ethnicity and culture with various places to worship including magnificent temples, dedicated to different deities. Kannada is one of the major languages spoken here with 72.74% of the total population is very fluent in it here. Lesser-known languages that are spoken here are Urdu and Tulu. With a large tourist population that visit year,  English is also well renowned and is used by business owners and tourist guides to converse with the tourists.

What makes Chikkamagaluru such a popular holiday destination in Karnataka?

Let’s have a look at why this hill station is such an outstanding and popular tourist spot-

  1. Pleasant Weather-

Chikkamagaluru is never too cold or never too hot and maintains very favorable and pleasant weather throughout the year. It attracts many tourists all around the year and is a great getaway where people can enjoy and have fun.

  1. Stunning Landscape-

From magnificent hills to superb waterfalls to the highest peak of Karnataka –the Mullayanagiri Peak is across 2000 meters high and gives a spectacular view. Kalhatti Falls, 400 feet in length is another breathtaking spot that dazzles the city. With many such gorgeous places to visit where mother nature is in its abundance, you must visit the place once in your lifetime.

  1. Coffee Plantations-

Coffee is available all across the country now. But never thought about where it originated from.  This has got to do with this little hill station, situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats. A Muslim saint known as Baba Budan was the first one to discover coffee in Yemen while on his way to Mecca. The aroma of the coffee seeds tempted him to such a great extent that he went ahead and brought these coffee seeds to India. The first coffee crop grew in the year 1670 at the Baba Budan Giri Hills. But later on, the coffee industry flourished in India with the help of the British. It also became the primary source of generating employment at Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka. And that is why this little hill station today is referred to as “the Coffee Land of Karnataka”.

  1. Sanctuaries-

The place is very popular for Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary which houses leopards, tigers, and wild boars. It is a very thrilling spot for people who wish to capture wildlife photographs situated across the southwestern part of Karnataka.

When should you visit Chikkamagaluru?

Chikkamagaluru has a very pleasant and soothing climate throughout the year. However, the monsoon season brings out the astounding lush greenery whereas the summers and winters can be very enjoyable. Any case if you still wish to know the best time to visit here, then October to March can be a very delightful event to travel to this spectacular little hill station.

Best clothes that you can wear-

If you plan a trip to Chikkamagaluru during the summer season then cotton clothes would be the best option and if you plan a trip during the winter season then light woolen clothes are the best. However, you can wear absolutely anything that suits you well and keeps you warm.

How to reach Chikkamagaluru?

It is a well-connected hill station and has rail and road connectivity to all the major cities of Karnataka. You can travel via railway, road, and air. Bus availability also makes it easy and more fun to travel from Mysore or Bangalore. It will take you 4-6 hours to reach here. Safe train routes are also available for a comfortable journey. But if you wish to book a flight the two main airports near this place are Bangalore and Mysore from where you can book a bus or a private taxi to reach here.

Best Cuisines to taste-


Whenever you visit this place and you are someone who loves trying out new dishes then you must know that filter coffee tastes delicious here with a remarkable taste, aroma, and flavor that you cannot ignore. You will also love to have Patravadi also known as Pathrode. Appetizers such as Halasina Kayi Pappad or Jackfruit Pappad, Akki Roti, Pumpkin Idlis, or Cheenikayi Kadubu are best to try.

Distance of Chikkamagaluru from Bangalore city-

Not too far to travel from Bangalore. The total distance between these two destinations is 243 km by road and 201 km by air. If you are someone who loves long drives then traveling by car, taxi, or bus you can take the NH75, and NH48 routes to reach here. You will simply relish your time with an agreeable, scenic and smooth drive.

A soul-stirring journey and a stay at Chikkamagaluru, can bring out the best in you even for a short vacation. You can book your stay here the next time you plan to visit a hill station. It can offer you the most enjoyable vacation that you have been awaiting for.


Resorts in Chikmagalur

Resorts in Chikmagalur



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