Things to do in Chikkamagaluru

Things to do in Chikkamagaluru

The whimsical city of Karnataka offers beautiful attractions and picture-perfect regions with the never endings activities and things that you can do. Coffee estates, high summits, exciting trekking trails, Chikkamagaluru has it all. The blissful city is visited largely by tourists, families, couples, and group of friends. If you are planning to take your family on an exciting weekend getaway or a trip with friends, then this city is dotted with numerous engaging activities that will keep you involved, busy, and happy. Let’s have a look at the various things that you can do at Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka:

Things to do in Chikkamagaluru

Things to do in Chikkamagaluru with Family-

  1. Go Picnicking at the Majestic Hebbe Falls-

The majestic waterfalls – The Hebbe Falls in Karnataka is one of the finest exotic places to visit. Travelers enjoy the best time at this rejuvenating place.  Relish an exciting picnic at Hebbe Falls in Chikkamagaluru with your family. Monsoon is the best time to visit this place. Families flock around this place and enjoy their meals and explore the area by clicking pictures and capturing the wonderful moments.

Exact Location of Hebbe Falls- Chikkamagaluru District, Kesavinamane, Karnataka, 577131

Timings – 6 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday

  1. Explore the Coffee Museum-

You can stroll along the lush green coffee plantations that comprise deep coffee bushes along with eye-catching fauna in Chikkamagaluru. Apart from delving into the coffee estates, you can also explore the Coffee Museum that is located here.  The Coffee Museum educates visitors and travelers about the history of coffee and its plantation stories.  A tour of this museum can be very revitalizing and interesting for not only the coffee drinkers but also the non-coffee drinkers. It will give you a proper insight into this popular hot drink.

Exact Location of the Coffee Museum- Dasarahalli, Karnataka 577101

Timings- 10 am to 6 pm

  1. Enjoy a Sport at the Golf Club-

You can enjoy golfing at the superb Golf Club situated in Chikkamagaluru. Especially during the winter season, you can come here to relax, rejuvenate and explore the place.  One of the finest things to do here is to take a shot at Gold. Many experienced players visit here and can be seen grooming their skills. Do try out this fascinating sport and give your spirit a breakthrough.

Exact Location of Golf Club- 154, Chikkamagaluru, Karadihallikaval, Karnataka 577101

Timings- 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

  1. Visit the Horanadu Temple to seek blessings-

The Horanadu Temple is highly popular and most visited for its sculptures and location. The backdrop is adorned with the Western Ghats. It is a breathtaking and amazing attraction of this hill station. The three-course prashadam is offered here with the blessings of the Lord. Visitors should visit this place once especially if you accompany your family.

Exact Location of the Horanadu Temple- Mudigere- Taluk, Chikkamagaluru District, Hornadu, Karnataka 577181

Timings- 6:30 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday

  1. Visit the Sharadamba Temple and offer prayers-

If you are at the tranquil hill station of Chikamagaluru with your family and are looking for a pilgrim spot, then visiting the Sharadamba Temple, dedicated to Goddess Saraswati is a beautiful yet very heart-stopping place can be a dream come true. You can offer your prayers to the great Goddess here. The temple is built with the finest craftsmanship, detailed carvings, and Dravidian-style architecture.  The environment can make you feel at peace and blissful. Not only this but you can enjoy visiting the Tunga River which is situated nearby.

Exact Location of the Temple- Harihara St. Sringeri, Karnataka 577139

Timings- 6 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday

Things to do in Chikkamagaluru with Friends-

  1. Trekking towards the Summit of Mullayanagiri Mountain Peak-

If you are planning a weekend getaway for a day or two with your friends,  you can look forward to trekking to the summit of Mullayangiri Mountain Peak. This thrilling experience will revitalize your body and mind to a great extent. The Peak of the mountain offers a hair-raising view from the summit. Many people enjoy this activity in Chikkamagaluru during the summer season. Away from the busy and hustle-bustle lives of the routine, this is truly a refreshing spot offering a plethora of mesmerizing sites all along. You can follow the narrow paths and capture the beauty in abundance. Imagine visiting this place with your close friends.

Exact Location of Mullayanagiri Mountain- approximately 22 km from Chikkamagaluru

Timings- Sunrise to Sunset, Monday to Sunday

  1. River Rafting at the Bhadra River-

If you are with a group of friends who are adventure junkies, then river rafting at the Bhadra river is an apt and very enjoyable thing to do. If you visit this place during the monsoon season, then the river brims with water and rapid currents. River rafting here is offered to beginners as well as experienced rafters. This incredible activity in Chikkamagaluru is spread across a stretch of 8km along with level 3 to level 5 rapids. So you can have tremendous fun while spending time enjoying this expedition.

Exact Location- The rafting point starts 85 km from Chikkamagaluru city

Timings- 9 am to 5 pm

  1. Capture some picturesque photographs at Baba Bundagiri-

The total height of Baba Bundagiri is approximately 1865 m which makes it a very thrilling trekking destination for youngsters of the nearby areas and many more people who visit this place. With a plethora of other soul-indulging activities at Chikkamagaluru, trekking at the Baba Bundagiri peak can be a terrific experience. As this peak is located in the Western Ghats, this place is considered home to the very popular Sufi Saint Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar which is one of the very big reasons that it attracts a lot of devotees to this region.

Exact Location- 33 km from the Cikkamagaluru city

Timings- 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Sunday

  1. Hiking up at the Jhari Falls-

If you are not very comfortable trekking, then hiking up at the Jhari Falls cannot just be exciting but also a very enticing experience.  If you are with your friends and are searching for a weekend getaway that is away from the routine or chaos of city life, then this is an ideal spot for you. You can have a good time with your friends here, play in the water, have a meal and click some very exclusive pictures. This is quite an offbeat destination, approximately 23 km from the city, and a great place to enjoy and have a break.

Exact Location- 23km from the Chikkamagaluru city

Timings- 7 am to 5 pm, Monday to Sunday

  1. Trekking to the Kemmangundi Peak-

If trekking to one place was not enough while on your tour to Chikkamagaluru, then this city has more to offer you. Trying out a trek to Kemmangundi Peak can be a wonderful experience as it will satiate your hunger for more. This offers the best trail to trek in the city with a 4 to 5-level trek due to its route and height.  You can simply enjoy this thrilling activity that is best suited for youngsters and offers steep climbs, narrow trails, forests, and in-route waterfalls. This might feel like a challenge to reach the peak but once you reach there it will give you a feeling of utmost satisfaction and feels worth it.

Exact Location- 62km from Chikkamagaluru city

Timings- you can climb up to the mountain peak only between 6 am to 1 pm

Things to do in Chikkamagaluru for Couples-

  1. Capture some beautiful pictures at Alekan Falls-

Couples can relax and spend quality time with each other in the marvelous and calm environment at Alekan Falls. These waterfalls are comparatively offbeat, charming and peaceful, and one of the best attractions in Chikkamagaluru city for couples.  These waterfalls stretch to a height of 90 ft offer a breathtaking view and bring about a soothing effect to the mind and spirit of the travelers. You can even sit around these waterfalls and dip your feet in the cold water or simply dip yourself in the pool of fresh cold water at the foothills of the waterfalls and enjoy yourselves at this magnificent place with your partner.

  1. Enjoy a Walk at the Coffee Estates-

When you visit this beautiful city of Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka, it offers an array of interesting things that you can do with your spouse or partner. A romantic walk at the coffee estates is one of the best things that you can enjoy doing here.  The city has huge coffee plantations all across the place as it is one of the top producers of coffee in India. The calm environment and the aroma of coffee make it a very soothing place to visit. For guided tours to these private coffee estates usually offer coffee tasting sessions as well. You can be offered to drink coffee here too.  For coffee lovers sipping into this freshly brewed coffee can be an experience on its own.

Exact Location- throughout the city and around the city of Chikkamagaluru

Timings- Depends on the manager of the coffee estates

Chikmagalur Resorts

Chikmagalur Resorts

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