Hebbe Waterfalls-An exotic place in Chikkamagaluru offering a rejuvenating escape from the busy city life

Hebbe Waterfalls-An exotic place in Chikkamagaluru offering a rejuvenating escape from the busy city life


Away from the hustle and bustle of your mundane city life, the magical Hebbe Falls is one such place that can help you get rejuvenated offering an exotic view. Very popular for its natural wonders, the Chikkamagaluru district houses Hebbe Falls which is located near the hill station of Kemmangundi, known for its amazing and enthralling waterfalls in the state of Karnataka. Also considered a heavenly delight for everyone, especially nature lovers, these waterfalls are hidden inside the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.

You will be in awe once you visit this place. The beautiful Hebbe Falls are surrounded by coffee estates all around. The mild breeze of coffee and dense forests all around the place will make you feel like a butterfly wandering across the amazing waterfalls. Nature lovers, wanderers, and people flock here from different parts of the state and even the country. Kemmangundi, a popular hill station is only at a distance of 10 km from the Waterfalls. Tourists are attracted to visit this spot from Kemmangundi and they simply drive down to this place in pursuit of peace, tranquility, and unique waterfalls. Many cab services are also available making it an easy drive from Kemmandundi to these waterfalls as they drive down the bumpy roads that are surrounded by the dense pukka forests. Adventure seekers trek through this place to enjoy the realm of nature around them. The trek passes through the beautiful coffee estates and some magnificent views of the dense forests.

Sacred Herbs in the Hebbe Falls-

The Hebbe Falls are also believed to have sacred herbs in their waters that are meant to cure diseases. A dip in its waters can be a very refreshing activity. You can also hear the gushing sounds of water when you are at a distance. During the rainy season, the trekking path becomes slippery and leeches are found here in large qualities. It also forms a natural jacuzzi filled with medicinal substances.  These herbs offer healing qualities. It is also a great place often attracted by curious biologists.

Best time to visit Hebbe Falls-

During the monsoon season, it is not advisable to visit Hebbe Falls as the trek path becomes very risky. The wet mud and the slippery surface of the trekking area are not suitable for travelers. Also, leeches are found in large qualities in and around Hebbe Falls, which is why it is not a great time to travel here.

However, the most suitable season to visit Hebbe Falls is winter starting from October till January. The beautiful lush green forests covered all across with green leaves will startle you. Also, the hills around this place will be covered with fog. You can also experience dew forming along with the fog.

How to Reach Hebbe Falls-

If you wish to travel to Hebbe Falls from Chikkamagaluru city by Bus, then you can take a bus from Chikkamagaluru Bus Stand. The total distance from Chikkamagaluru town to Hebbe Falls is approximately 70 km. If you wish to travel from Kemmandundi Hill Station to Hebbe Falls then the best way is to hire a two way jeep where you can enjoy the majestic route. The route is only 13 km but it passes through the most beautiful scenes.  You can also trek from Kemmandundi to Hebbe Falls or you can also take a train from Tarikere Junction from where you can book a taxi to Hebbe Falls.

Height of Hebbe Falls-

Hebbe Falls fall from an astounding height of 551 ft. or 168 meters. It is the 6th highest waterfall in the state of Karnataka. It gushes down to two parts at a height of 250 ft. These two parts are known to be Dodda Hebbe (meaning Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (meaning Small Falls). This extraordinary geographical structure makes Hebbe Falls distinctive and well-renowned as one of the most supreme waterfalls in India.

Mobile Connectivity in and around Hebbe Falls-

Mobile connectivity is weak here as the Waterfalls are situated in the middle of the dense forests. In some places around Hebbe Falls the network may be there but overall the signal is weak. In case of emergencies, you are free to contact the Forest Department on this number- 088675 50256 or 092432 22660.

Important Information about Hebbe Falls-

Exact Location- Kesavinamane, Chikkamagaluru District, (approximately 10 km from Kemmangundi Hill Station)

Timings- 6 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday

Price- Free

Tips for visiting Hebbe Falls-

  1. Carry a backpack that includes-

  • Water Bottle
  • Extra pair of Clothes
  • Medicines
  1. Good trekking shoes
  2. Make sure to cover your face and body properly if you visit during the Monsoon season as leeches are found in large quantities here.

So plan your trip to Hebbe Falls next time that you are in Karnataka.  Enjoy the bounteous mesmerizing beauty that surrounds this place and will make your trip fulfilled and best satisfied to the core of your heart.

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