Kallathigiri Falls-Popular and magnificent Waterfalls around Chikkamagaluru

Kallathigiri Falls-Popular and magnificent Waterfalls around Chikkamagaluru


The Kallathigiri Falls also known as the Kalhatti Falls is a very majestic natural adobe where the waterfall gushes down the Chandra Dona Mountains from a total height of 400 meters. This waterfall is located at a distance of 50 km from Chikkamagaluru and is a perfect destination for thrill seekers and leisure mongers. This distinctive waterfall is one of the major waterfalls around Chikkamagaluru and is a popular destination among tourists and locals of this place.

Water from these Falls drops from an overhanging ledge, where people can take a shower right beneath it. These waterfalls enclose the headwaters of the river Sharavathi. As it is also a natural goldmine, these waterfalls have great religious significance as well. This place is very renowned as it houses a very famous Temple known as the Veerabhadra or the Veerabhadreshwara Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is open for visits throughout the year and it allows visitors and pilgrims to visit its shrine. According to the legendry history, the water that comes out from the waterfalls is regarded as very holy and cures any sort of disease.

This is a beautiful place that offers several activities such as taking up a short trek up to the falls, and the lush green surroundings of this place are a boon to the photographers. This spot is also great fun for picnics and outings with friends and family.

History of Kahhathigiri Falls-

According to the legend, Kallathagiri Falls was a pilgrim site where the holy saint Agastya happen to come during his days of wandering and he decided to stay back at this place for many months. This place houses the Veerabhadra Temple which was built during the era of Vijayanagara. This temple is adorned by three elephants at its entrance and signifies the character of Vijayanagara architecture. The locals of this place consider it a holy place and the waters of the Waterfalls here are sacred and blessed. An annual three-day fair that is organized at this place pays a tribute to the Veerabhadra Temple that is located here.

Points of Interest for Kallathigiri Falls-

  1. Trekking-

Kallathigiri Falls is the most charming spot for trekkers all around the world. The trek starts from the base camp known as Karikere which is located almost 24 km away from the Falls. This is not a very difficult trek and can be tried by both beginners as well as experienced trekkers. This trail offers two different paths. One of them passes through the coffee plantations of Blue Mountain Estates and the other one opens up directly near the Falls.

You can easily hire a guide in case you wish to take up the first route mentioned above. Trekking to this spot becomes very adventurous, especially during the monsoon and winter seasons and is greatly enjoyed by thrill-seekers.  The entire trekking trail offers a stunning view of the beautiful green mountains that surrounds the Falls. After the trek is completed trekkers also dip into the holy waters of the Falls and relish the entire experience with great enthusiasm.

  1. Flaura and Fauna-

This place emerges as one of the most amazing spots that attract tourists for its lush green beauty with animals too that surrounds this place. Shrubs and vine trees surround the entire area of the trail that leads to the top area of the Falls. Several cardamom trees lie in this area too. Close to these Falls, you will also come across animals such as elephants, monkeys, and many other species that belong to the tropical regions. Travelers get to spot tigers here as well. A bunch of other animals like panthers, bison, and spotted deer are often seen here drinking water at the Falls.

Important Information about Kallathigiri Falls-

Location- It is located at Kallattipura which is almost 10 km from Kemmangundi, Chikkamagaluru, in India.

Height- The Falls are located at a height of 430 feet above sea level.

Weather- the weather remains very pleasant all through the year. It is very refreshing during the summer season, while the temperature is on the higher side. Also, the most pleasant months are winter and monsoon when the temperatures are low, followed by occasional showers that heighten the entire experience.

Timings- The Waterfalls remain open for visitors and the public from 7 am to 6 pm throughout the week including weekends. These timings may also vary with the time of sunrise and sunset.

Mobile Connectivity-BSNL works the best at this spot. However, other mobile connections don’t falter either.

Tips to Visit Kallathigiri Falls


  1. Wear proper footwear or shoes for the pathway that leads towards the Falls may be slippery.
  2. Carry a pair of clothes in case you wish to take a dip into the holy waters of the Falls.
  3. Do not throw waste matter or garbage in the water of this holy Fall.
  4. Be very careful as during the festive or religious seasons the place may be very crowded.
  5. While you trek up to this place, there may be many leeches around, so be very careful about it.

Best Time to Visit Kallathigiri Falls

Kallathigiri Falls is best suited to visit all year round. However, it may be a very refreshing experience to visit during the summer season when the temperatures are around the higher side. It can be avoided to travel here during the winter and the monsoon season as the water may be very cold and difficult to bear a dip. The best time to visit this place is the monsoon season when the water flows fast and you can enjoy light showers as well.

How to reach Kallathigiri Falls?

Kallathigiri Falls is located at a total distance of 53 km from Chikkamagaluru and maintains a very well-connected transport connectivity to all the major areas around. It also offers easy options to commute in and around the city area.  Some of the most common modes of transport are as follows-

By Road-

Cab or Taxi– if you are traveling from Mangalore Airport which is the nearest airport around this place or from the nearest railway station, which is Birur Junction, then booking a cab from Uber or Ola is the easiest way of reaching this place. A large number of car rental company names are also made available for easy booking and convenient traveling.

Bus– another very easy mode of transportation is traveling by bus.  Many private and public buses are available from different parts of the country to Karnataka state. From there you can simply book another bus to Chikkamagaluru.

While your stay in Karnataka, if you wish to travel to Chikkamagaluru then Kallathigiri Falls is a good option to travel to. But there are many other places where you can reach out such as the Hebbe Falls, Mullayangiri, Jhari Waterfalls, and so on.

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