Manikya Dhara Falls- Magistic Waterfalls with a serene landscape that offers a great spot for photography and picnicking

Overview-   Manikya Dhara Falls is a very beautiful waterfall situated near Chikkamagaluru and is considered one of the most picturesque attractions that offer a great retreat to everyone who visits here. Manikya Dhara  means “string of pearls” and it is known so due to the natural phenomenon when the waterfalls in droplets that shine bright in the sunlight. This […]

Baba Budangiri- One of the best places to trek in Chikkamagaluru

Overview- Baba Budangiri is a very revered pilgrimage spot in Chikkamagaluru for both Hindu and Muslim communities. It’s popular for its shrine of Hazrat Dada Hayath Mir Khalander who was a Sufi Saint in the 17th Century. This place is also valued for its caves which are believed to be the residence of Sri Dattatreya Swamy. Baba Budangiri is a […]

Mullayangiri Peak- Highest Peak to trek in Karnataka

About Mullayangiri in Chikkamagaluru-     Mullayangiri is the highest peak in the state of Karnataka, with a height of 6317 ft. It is considered to be the highest peak that lies between the Himalayas and Nilgiris. It is also the best place to trek in Karnataka. Its peak got its name from a small temple that is built at […]

Hebbe Waterfalls-An exotic place in Chikkamagaluru offering a rejuvenating escape from the busy city life

Overview- Away from the hustle and bustle of your mundane city life, the magical Hebbe Falls is one such place that can help you get rejuvenated offering an exotic view. Very popular for its natural wonders, the Chikkamagaluru district houses Hebbe Falls which is located near the hill station of Kemmangundi, known for its amazing and enthralling waterfalls in the […]

Things to do in Chikkamagaluru

The whimsical city of Karnataka offers beautiful attractions and picture-perfect regions with the never endings activities and things that you can do. Coffee estates, high summits, exciting trekking trails, Chikkamagaluru has it all. The blissful city is visited largely by tourists, families, couples, and group of friends. If you are planning to take your family on an exciting weekend getaway […]